I downvoted you because...

Let other users know, in a helpful way, why you downvoted them and how they can fix it.

Big news! We've moved!

This website has been rebooted and renamed! Please check out our new home at


Why the move?

There were a number of reasons involved in the move. Most importantly, there was pushback from the start due to the name of the website. People who were willing to help were put off by the blunt nature of the wording of the site and its pages. This had an immediate result of reducing the number of people who were willing to use the website and help make it better. in addition, the original website project required that new pages had to be written in HTML by hand. This made it much harder to add new content.

What's new?

The website is now called I downvoted because and is reworded so that the downvote is on the content, not the person.. The website also now takes advantage of Github Page's static site generator using Jekyll. This makes it much easier to add new pages and make edits. All pages are simply markdown files with a little bit of front matter that is used both to indicate it is a page and how it should be rendered and deployed.

Please help us out!

This website isn't much without your help. Share the pages with those they will help, and visit the Github repository to help create new pages!